Unlock the Power of Presence and Use it to Wow Others on Zoom In this live webinar, the focus is presence. We often think of presence as something you either have or you don’t--something that can’t be taught. But...that’s not true!

This is where executive presence comes in. Joanna defines executive presence as how you speak, how you act, and how you look. Using concepts from executive presence coaching, you can get rid of distractions, gain confidence, and let your essence shine through. That is what lets you command a room (even a Zoom room) and what makes people listen when you talk.

If you’re worried your contributions might be overlooked now that you’re working from home, it’s not your work ethic that needs to change--it’s how you present yourself! With executive presence, you put the focus back on YOU. In 2020, this is an essential skill to have.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

What executive presence is and how it showcases your essence as a leader
Why those who say that executive presence cannot be learned are wrong
The 3 pillars of executive presence and how to apply them immediately
5 key tips for standing out (in a good way!) in your next Zoom meeting